How To Care For Your Leather Bag

Leather is a classic choice for many when it comes to picking out a timeless and durable handbag. Although leather can be quite expensive, it can be worn for years with the proper care. Knowing how to care for your favorite leather handbag is a must when it comes to keeping it as a forever item. Here are a few suggestions to keep your handbag looking brand new.

1. Clean your leather bag with warm water and mild soap once a help clear the dirt on the surface of the leather.

2. If you are lazy to clean your bag every week...apply a mild soap and conditioner specifically used for leather to maintain cleanliness and supplness twice a year. 

3. Never use conditioner on... a patent leather handbag.

3. When your leather bag is not being used, keep it maintain it's form.

4. If your leather bag comes with a dust bag...make sure to use the dust bag to prevent dust from getting in when you are not using the bag.

5. Avoid grease and do not let your leather bag soak in water...for grease stains, simply wipe off the grease with a damp cloth. Make sure it is not too wet for it can absorb into the leather.